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Professional training post-pandemic trends?

Professional training post-pandemic trends?

31 Gennaio 2022

This month we have selected an article that illustrates the 7 trends of corporate post-covid-19 training.

In our insight we will focus on the last three principles that in addition to being defined trends can be considered real pillars for the construction of corporate culture and the Learning Organization.

Training on safety and well-being

Highlighting this aspect seems to reiterate a fact that seems obvious but it isn’t. It starts from safety at the workplace up to individual and group coaching and counseling. The aim is achieving a combination of physical and mental health to refine technical skills and approach to work and to colleagues and collaborators.

Social Learning

This aspect implies a concept of training that is brought back to the sharing of knowledge between colleagues and collaborators in real contexts and situations. Interesting is Davide Mura [author of the article] mentioning the learning model 70:20:10 according to which 70% of learning takes place from learning on the job, 20% from social learning (interaction with other people) and 10% from structured and traditional training.

This principle is implemented by the New Skills Fund an important tool in the construction of Long Life Learning paths. The particular skills held by technicians and experts of the company itself are enhanced through sharing with colleagues. So 70% and 20% of the above model are grouped together, reaching a massive 90% of learning.

Soft Skills

It is right to mention soft skills, but by putting them in the post Covid-19 trends the question arises: pre Covid-19 what importance was given to them? Were they simply seen as additional but unnecessary skills?

With personalized training for companies Gamòs implements courses of Soft Skills that translate into Stress Management, Work Process Organization, Effective Communication and Active Listening, Employee Management, Conflict Management and Mediation.

The question we want to ask is whether the pandemic has actually highlighted the need to cultivate these principles or whether they were already considered fundamental for a company, way before 2020.


Source: “7 TREND DELLA FORMAZIONE AZIENDALE POST-COVID-19” by Davide Mura, published in the July/August 2021 issue of “Dirigente La rivista di Manageritalia”

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